Parent Info

Getting Started

Orientation and settling

We encourage parents to visit the centre with their child at least three times prior to attending. A staff member will greet the child and form a relationship with the child and family. Parents and the child will be introduced to all the staff during these visits, this will be helpful for them to make a connection with each other.

Detailed discussions on the child’s sleeping and eating requirement, child’s development and behaviour are held upon enrolment.

We encourage parents to stay with their child to settle them into the centre, and to demonstrate that they feel happy and comfortable with their new environment. Children are welcomed to bring their (named) ‘cuddly’ or blanket from home.

Grandparents and siblings are welcome to visit the centre, once your child has settled.

What your child needs to bring:

  • a bag with their name clearly printed on
  • At least three changes (sets) of named clothes and sunhat/ winter hat.
  • if they have a special comforter for sleeping
  • during summer please put sunscreen on your child before they come to AppleSeed and we will keep topping it up.
  • disposable nappies (if applicable)
  • bottles made up for each feed with your child’s name clearly printed on each bottle (if applicable)

We discourage children from bringing personal items or toys from home. If a child is carrying a favourite toy it can be a safety concern, and may lead to tears if it is misplaced.

Remember to label everything!

Saying ‘Good Bye’

Saying goodbye to your child can be a delicate time of the day. We believe that it is important to be honest with your child and let them know you are leaving but you will be back. Doing this builds a trust triangle between the child, teacher and yourself. Sneaking away can upset your child more when they realise you have gone. Because of this we ask all parents to say goodbye to your child whenever you are leaving. Don’t stretch it out. Children may cry a for few minutes, but usually, as soon as you are gone, they settle. A teacher will be present who can offer comfort for your child when you are leaving.

The time it takes to fully settle into their new environment will vary with each child, from a few days to a week or two, but take comfort that our teachers have lots of experience with this transition stage and will observe each child’s progress and discuss this with you.