What's New At AppleSeed?


Happy Easter!

St Patricks Day

Celebrating everything green – and recognising some of our families wonderful culture!

Book Day

Recently we have been exploring the children’s interest in story telling. We have enjoyed retelling our favourite stories as well as recreated our own stories. As part of this, we had a book character  dress up day – such a lot of fun and promoted the love of reading!


Just before Christmas we planted some sunflowers. When we returned from the holidays they were already as tall as the children. They grew and grew and became huge! We loved watching them grow!


Inside Fun! June 2023

June - Samoan Language Week!

Last week we were very lucky that our teacher Shari taught us all about Samoa! We sung Samoan songs and learnt dances, wore colourful lei's, plored real cocoa and made beautiful Samoan flowers!

 Last week we were very lucky that our teacher Shari taught us all about Samoa! We sung songs and learnt dances, wore colourful lei’s, explored real cocoa and made beautiful Samoan flowers!

International Mud Day!

Such great fun! And a perfect activity given how much it has rained lately!


Korean Dress Up's


Our fabulous old teacher, Jinah, bought the children in authentic Korean costumes! Thank you Jonah – we love them!

PJ Day!!!

In the middle of winter it is so fun to wear your PJ’s to AppleSeed!!

15082023 PJ Day 3
15082023 PJ Day

Making a Hangi!

At AppleSeed we made a Hangi! This not only taught us about Maori culture, but how to cut up vegetables, prepare food – and we got to enjoy it!


Snow Day!

AppleSeed Educare had its very first snow day this week! For some it was a new experience – for all it was a lot of fun! We even had a snow man and our own Elsa!

Tonga! August 2023

At AppleSeed we love to learn about different cultures. Last week we learnt about Tonga. The children learnt about Tapa cloths and made their own for AppleSeed. They also made bright colourful frangipani flowers!

23082023 Tonga
23082023 Tonga 4

Learning Self Regulation

The teachers at Apple have been working with “Engage Play” to learn more about heping our tamariki to develop self regulation (emotional, cognitive and behavioral). There is overwhelming evidence to support that if children can develop self regulation at an early age, they will be more successful in life! This training cumulated with a very successful evening where parents came along to AppleSeed to learn some new skills and tools! 

Fathers Day!

We loved welcoming our Dads and special men along to AppleSeed for our Father Day celebrations!

Fire Drill!

Such excitement to have the Fire Engine turn up to the fire drill! Great to know though that the AppleSeed children know what to do if there was a real emergency 

Maori Language Week - Sep

AppleSeed celebrated Maori language week. Not only did the Tamariki practice their Te reo Maori, they also learnt about Maori art, moku, Maori stories and how to hongi. 

Dress Up Day!

We had a wonderful time dressing up yesterday at AppleSeed!

Eating From Our Garden!

We love to try and grow some of our own vegetables! This week we had cauliflower ready. The children loved picking it and taking it into our wonderful Chef Di. She explained how she was going to cook it – then we had it for lunch – yum!

Diwali! Nov 2023

We were so lucky to have one of our families come into AppleSeed to help celebrate Diwali. They explained to the children about Diwali and then painted their hands with henna. We love to learn about and celebrate different cultures!

Farmer Fleur came to visit!

As a Christmas treat Farmer Fleur came to visit AppleSeed! The children were so excited to see and pat the animals – and all had a horse ride!


Christmas 2023

We love Christmas at AppleSeed! We loved to be able to invite all of our whanau and friends along to hear the children sing and to share a special Christmas meal. Santa also made a visit!

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