What We Offer

Learning Programme


Our learning programme is child centred and founded on the guiding principles of Te Whāriki the early childhood curriculum of NZ and also inspired by Reggio Emilia principles.

Teachers support children to learn through meaningful activities and experiences where they can develop their capabilities in using tools and materials, making a range of connections, exploring ideas and working with other children.   These experiences are carefully planned to meet each child’s individual strengths, abilities, dispositions and interests based on the information gathered from teachers’ continuous observations.

Teachers value and actively support learning opportunities and creativity, using literacy, mathematics, science and technologies as part of play and discussion.

Teachers base routines for infants on the child’s own home routines. We value care moments as precious opportunities for learning and building strong relationships. Children and staff all enjoy a peaceful and calm environment, so we make sure transitions are as peaceful, calm and smooth as possible.

The environment is a very important part of the learning programme, and as a result, emphasis is placed on the provision of a beautiful, stimulating setting carefully arranged to invite exploration and the development of ideas. Natural resources, recycled materials and art objects contribute to the programme, provoking children’s imagination, creativity and wonder.

At AppleSeed, learning is viewed as a collaborative process that occurs when the perspectives of parents, children and teachers are equally valued and shared. Through Story Park, we securely share with parents, learning stories that capture the multiple dimensions and progression in their child’s learning and development. Thoughts’ and ideas, feedback and comments from parents and families in their child’s learning and assessments are really helpful for their child’s individual planning, so they are encouraged and appreciated.

Our carefully designed mixed age environment means all age groups can play together. However, specialist teachers for each age group assess and guide each child’s learning according to their abilities, strengths and dispositions. Providing fun and stimulating, age appropriate learning experiences to each age group, allows the programme to be tailored to the appropriate individuals’ development levels. Our specially designed purpose- built separate learning area “the Tinkering Space” for three and four-year old preschool children provides opportunities to be creative and challenged by themselves (independently).