About Us

Our Structure


AppleSeed Educare is proudly a New Zealand privately owned and operated centre.

Our compliance with the Early Childhood Education Charter and the Education (Early Childhood Centres) regulations is monitored by the Education Review Office. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the centre’s policy development, review and decisions concerning their child’s care and education.


AppleSeed Educare is an equal opportunities employer, committed to staffing the Centre with skilled, caring people. Our Centre has 100% registered permanent teachers who participate in regular professional development. We believe well qualified and caring teaching staff is the foundation of quality care and an excellent teacher/child ratio ensures quality education. We are licensed for 33 children with 5 teaching staff every day.

Students, volunteers and visitors

From time to time, you will see new faces at the Centre. Relief staff and volunteers are screened before participating in our daily activities and must adhere to our philosophy, policies and procedures whilst at the Centre. At no stage will a volunteer worker be left in charge of a group of children. However, they will interact with the children, giving help and attention as needed. Early Childhood teacher training students are also supervised at the Centre during the practical component of their course.